Of or relating to the peoples, countries, or cultures of Latin America.

A margin of superiority; an advantage over the competition.
Latin Edge    

About LatinEdge

We capture the attention--and dollars--of millions of Spanish-speaking individuals worldwide by creating effective strategies, developing and fine-tuning products, and executing on-line marketing campaigns for our clients.

Through our broad portfolio of online properties, associated sites, and distribution partners, the LatinEdge network reaches over 30 million unique individuals per month. The depth and scope of our network offers advertisers a unique opportunity to impact and influence millions of Spanish-speaking individuals through various forms of online media.

Operating under this name since 2003, LatinEdge is the result of years of experience of it's founders and staff, who have been contributing to the development of the Spanish-speaking Internet and the delivery of value for their business clients since 1996, developing and executing effective Internet Marketing strategies throughout Latin America.

With the convergence of our knowledge of the Latin Internet landscape and our development experience, we help improve and adapt our clients' products for this market. Through our established network of distribution partners and vertical sites, we bring our clients' products or services to the eyes of millions of Spanish-speaking individuals worldwide.

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